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In life and business, there are two cardinal sins – the first is to act precipitously without thought and the second is to not act at all. ~ Carl Icahn (#50 Forbes Billionaires)

A successful business has to be involved and commercially creatively whilst simultaneously combining detailed planning with long-term strategy. At Myburgh Attorneys, we endeavour to balance solid business structure and effective risk management solutions while ensuring that we honour the inspired commercial needs of our boutique client base. Based in Brooklyn, Pretoria, South Africa, our experienced team offers an all-inclusive range of Commercial, Corporate, Litigation and Arbitration legal services.

Our collective acumen into the global business environment, and expert awareness of South Africa’s multifaceted socio-political climate, makes Myburgh Attorneys, the preferred legal partner for both local and international businesses alike. Irrespective of company size and location, our team makes every effort to service clients with an approach of integrity and business intelligence. It really doesn’t matter if you are a one-man-show in the middle of the Karoo, or a multinational organization based in Singapore – our partner-level attorneys will fly to you, in order to meet your needs within the infrastructure that best suits your organization.

With a great deal of passion for commercial law and business transactions, we are the sound choice of long-term guidance for a variety of financial and government institutions, industrial conglomerates and property moguls. Servicing clients in all aspects of business law, we take the time to understand your individual business’s needs, and then advise, negotiate, draft documents, speak and act on your behalf in order to develop solid legal structures for corporate success.

It would be our pleasure to assist your company in the following areas:

• Business & Corporate Law

• Commercial Law

• Contract Law & Negotiation

• Debt Collecting & Recovering

• Insolvency & Foreclosures

• Sectional Title Management

• Joint Ventures

• Litigation / Arbitration

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Commercial & Residential Property Law

• International Trade & Shipping

• Home Owners Association

• Sports Law

• Venture Capital

• Business Rescue

• Divorce

• Tax

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  • Commercial Law.

  • Corporate Law.

  • Litigation & Arbitration Law.

  • Assistance to any size company.

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  • Myburgh Attorneys assist us with various residential and commercial property contracts as well as other property management advice, legal assistance and litigation. We have to applaud their professionalism and quality of work they do for us as it greatly impacts our business process. They efficiently handle all our law requirements and we admire their ethical standards. - Willem Louw, MD of Mamre Property Management

  • Our clients are our core business and we highly value them. This made finding the perfect law firm very difficult until we found Myburgh Attorneys. They assist us in contract and law advice and represent us and our clients in various negotiations. We have the honour of being represented by highly skilled and ethical attorneys that can assist us in any issue. Their high standards and endless commitment have made them the great business partner they are today. - Steven Botha, MD of S&J Sport Management

  • Bruce Myburgh is one of the finest attorneys we have come across; we are highly satisfied with the advice and contract obligations that he handles for our company in South Africa. Being in the Global air catering industry, we operate in a competitive and fast working environment, access to quick legal advice is a necessity. Myburgh Attorneys understand our conditions and we have built an excellent relationship with them. - Johan Roodt, Senior Financial Accountant of LSG Sky Chef’s South Africa

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