Sport and Law

Aug 01 2014

Sports Law refers to legal issues that are in place with regard to both amateur and professional sports. Sports Law overlaps with other areas of law such as competition law and labour law. Sports law is a relatively new independent […]

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The A to Z of Arbitration

Jul 16 2014

Arbitration is often confused with mediation, but there is a difference between the two. When talking about arbitration, a person or the arbitrator attends to the case outside the court with the aim to making a decision that otherwise becomes […]

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The legal process of divorce

Jun 30 2014

Divorce is a situation that is emotionally traumatic for all parties involved, and it is even more traumatic and complex when there are children involved. This process can cause a lot of hurt and pain for children because they are […]

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Landmark Court Case On Affirmative Action Won

Nov 29 2013

In a landmark case on affirmative action, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on Thursday struck down the use of racial quotas in determining job appointments, finding that it was unfair to attempt to achieve employment equity through the rigid […]

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Massive Corporate Lawsuit filed against MTN

Nov 27 2013

Johannesburg – Turkcell, the mobile operator that has levelled corruption allegations against MTN, has filed new court papers for a corporate lawsuit. The company put out a brief press release in Istanbul at the same time yesterday, saying it is […]

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