Aug 01 2014

Sports Law refers to legal issues that are in place with regard to both amateur and professional sports. Sports Law overlaps with other areas of law such as competition law and labour law. Sports law is a relatively new independent branch of law that came into being due to the rise in athlete-agent relationships as well as the media attention and scrutiny of sports stars.

The sports industry has become an extremely lucrative business and it is imperative that a sense of justice and fair play remain evident, just the same as it should in any other business arena. The sports industry was expected to generate $135 billion globally in 2013. The industry has branched out from simply playing sports to selling tickets, food and beverages, sports memorabilia, and more. When an industry has grown to this extent, and carries such a large return on investment, it is essential and necessary for laws to become involved in its functionality.

sports law

Doping refers to the use of banned drugs that enhance sporting performance. The World Anti-Doping Code has been accepted an implemented as a standard code of sports conduct. This was drafted in an effort to discourage the use of drugs to increase sports achievement or practice which would interfere with other laws such as competition law.

Match-fixing is another example of sports practices which are banned and require legal systems to eradicate. Match-fixing can be referred to any type of bribery of players as well as managers, trainers, club owners, and so forth.  These bribes are made in order to fix the final scores of a sporting event.

Besides these specific examples of sports law issues, sports law involves the drafting and managing of contracts for both athletes as well as the people involved in their teams. For example, a soccer player will be contracted to a certain team and there are legal implications of moving to another team. Knowledge needs to be sought and practised with regards to dealing with laws involved in a sports job, just as it would with any other job.

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